Why we do what we do.

Rashawn and Lori Brewster offer a couple’s perspective on issues that many couples experience. They understand that relationships can be challenging and that couples often find themselves in the midst of a busy life, struggling with connecting to each other in ways that invite joy and satisfaction. Having had generational and personal experiences with failed relationships, they began a 10 year journey of exploring the challenges that couples often face and learning about effective principles and tools that contribute to a fulfilling relationship. This journey of self-discovery ignited a passion for helping others to elevate their relationships.

Utilizing a “couple to couple” approach, Rashawn and Lori offer an exclusive type of counseling experience that includes a male and female perspective allowing for extra listening and support. They trust that when a couple operates as a cohesive unit, it can have a positive impact on overall health and wellness, potentially spilling into other aspects of life, such as family, social relationships, careers, and parenting.

Both also work with counseling clients individually in areas such as grief, anxiety, self-expression and self-esteem, life transitions, relationship concerns, decision making, and stress management. Lori and Rashawn achieved their Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.  Lori and Rashawn have over 20 years combined experience working with children, youth, and families in many modalities. Please call Rashawn and Lori directly at (754) 900-1525 to schedule a confidential consultation.

Our First Session

The initial session is sort of like a blind date. So, we will spend a little bit of time getting to know each other and understanding what brought you to us. We tend to ask specific questions that get to the heart of the matter as well as create space to build trust and connectivity. Oh, and there will be just a bit of standard paperwork to fill out.

The Process of Change

The therapeutic process is often about change. During follow-up sessions, we will work on the things that brought you to us and we will continually and collaboratively assess progress towards your desired outcomes. Also, the process of change is fluid and does not stop in the therapy office. Therefore, we may recommend trying new things at home (aka “homework”…yep, we said homework!).

Identify What Works

We tend to operate from a solution focused mindset that incorporates what matters most to you (your strengths, desires, hopes, and dreams). We hope to facilitate change through exploring and implementing solutions that work for you and can lead to an elevated relationship.

We need to build trust.

Get to know us!

A bit on Lori’s credentials:

Lori has her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist – MT 3398, and is Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Elevating Relationships, LLC. Lori has multifaceted experience in the helping field since 2001 including mentoring, counseling, and case management as well as the development and implementation of programs and events within aftercare programs, faith-based institutions, and community-based organizations. Lori has participated in a variety of community advocacy organizations, has presented throughout the tri-counties on the suggested benefits of counseling services, and has received specialized training in crisis intervention with the National Organization for Victim Assistance, trained on the power of dialogue through Public Conversations, trained as a program educator in the Gottman 7 Principles Program aimed at increasing the vitality of couples relationships, and has completed the Gottman Level 1 training on best practices when working with couples by Drs. John and Julie Gottman who are researchers and pioneers in the field of couples therapy. Over the last few years, Lori has provided therapeutic support while working in a clinic, at a hospital, in a group home, in schools, with families in their homes, and in a private practice setting.

Additionally, Lori has facilitated adventure based groups with a focus on grief processing and spoken word groups with a focus on self-awareness and expression with teen girls, volunteered with Children’s Bereavement Center, and volunteered in an afterschool program teaching art and drama. Lori is enthusiastic about working with individuals, couples, and families on identifying strengths and resources to meet challenges and accomplish their life goals.

Lori understands that it is often a crisis or major life event that brings individuals and couples to therapy, however, Lori is also an advocate for encouraging others to seek therapeutic support as a form of maintenance for overall wellbeing as one might do a routine visit with their doctor, get a massage, or exercise. Having worked for many years in community based provider agencies, Lori is aware of the misguided stigma connected to therapeutic services and celebrates those that are proactive in connecting to support services for overall wellbeing. Lori promotes the idea that therapy can be a positive tool that can assist with identifying strengths and resources that equip us to approach both common and challenging life events.

While partnering with her husband and working with couples is a key area of her practice, Lori also has a special interest with working with individuals who have dealt with trauma, grief, worry, fears, anxiety, self-expression and self-esteem, guilt and shame, and life transitions such as marriage, divorce, remarriage, career changes, and retirement and relationship concerns such as with friends, family, a significant other or colleagues.

Lori was born and raised in South Florida and also lived several years in Tennessee. She enjoys doing activities outdoors including kayaking and biking, actively attends and volunteers at her church, dabbles in painting, poetry, and photography, and loves spending time with her family, friends, husband and puppy.

A bit on Rashawn’s credentials:

Rashawn has his Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist- MT 3564, and is Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Elevating Relationships, LLC. Rashawn is originally from East Tennessee where his passion for working with children, youth, individuals, couples, and families had its start in 2003 and he has continued his dedication to the helping field by working with non-profit, faith-based and community-based mental health agencies since his move to South Florida in 2008. Rashawn and his wife, Lori Brewster, launched Elevating Relationships, LLC in 2015 in hopes of offering the community a unique approach to couples counseling.

Rashawn has a gifting in utilizing everyday concepts to assist clients in connecting therapeutic interventions to their own process of healing and growth. Rashawn has often utilized this gift to help men in relationships, who were uncertain of the therapeutic process, to understand the benefits of counseling by sharing an analogy of how even the greatest athletes had professional trainers and coaches to assist them in reaching their full potential. Similarly, individuals and couples can benefit from the guidance of trained professionals. Rashawn is passionate about the process of helping others to identify tools to navigate the challenges and the ups and downs of everyday life. Rashawn prescribes to a holistic-therapeutic approach that often includes humor and real life analogies and honors the story of every individual, couple or family he encounters and he believes in a therapeutic partnership that allows room for every client to uncover, or perhaps, rediscover their own resources and strengths thereby allowing them to move positively towards their goals.

Rashawn’s career has been dedicated in large part to serving others including working in low-income communities and managing and developing programs aimed at increasing overall health and wellness. Additionally, he has received specialized training on the power of dialogue through Public Conversations, trained as a program educator in the Gottman 7 Principles Program aimed at increasing the vitality of couples relationships, and has completed the Gottman Level 1 training on best practices when working with couples by Drs. John and Julie Gottman who are researchers and pioneers in the field of couples therapy. Over the last few years, Rashawn has provided therapeutic support while working at a hospital, in a clinic, in a facility offering substance abuse counseling services, and in private practice. Additionally, Rashawn has facilitated spoken word groups with a focus on self-awareness and expression with teen boys.

While partnering with his wife and working with couples is a key area of his practice, Rashawn has a special interest in working with teen and adult males who struggle with a variety of concerns such as self-esteem, decision making, depression, anxiety, managing stress, etc.

In his off time, Rashawn enjoys weightlifting, watching and playing sports, traveling, spending time with family and friends, participating in church activities, and taking his puppy to the dog park.

Lori and Rashawn are an inspirational, down-to- Earth, Christ-filled couple that always have hope and joy to share, individually and as a couple. They are amazing listeners and analyzers...& this was before they even received their counseling educations! Marriage & Family Therapy is such a natural fit for them. Their hearts, minds, and spirits make them a dynamic duo- passionately made & destined to help couples/families become stronger. -Michelle, LMHC | Colleague & friend of over 10 years

I am so grateful for the godly wisdom that Lori & Rashawn bring to our small group of couples. They are able to listen to what is discussed and then present questions that are pointed, but gentle. Their passion for strengthening and encouraging couples is apparent at all times. I always appreciate hearing the wisdom they share knowing how they study and truly desire to build couples up. -Heidi, Research Profesional

Lori & Rashawn have provided me with practical and thoughtful insight that has encouraged positive behavior and personal growth. They deliver counsel without judgement and they approach therapy from both traditional and non-conventional avenues. My husband and I highly recommend their practice. -Ashley, Marketing Manager

I met Lori around 9 years ago, right before I met the man that I’m married to today. I struggled a lot in my relationship, but Lori had a way of repositioning situations, allowing me to see things from a different perspective. She is the reason I stuck it out and am now married to this amazingly caring and loving husband and father. My husband and I have reached out to Lori and Rashawn individually for support and advice because of their innate abilities to guide us down the right path to make our marriage work. We recommend Lori and Rashawn so that others can benefit from the fruitful guidance and advice that still helps keep our marriage strong today. -Kristine, Entrepreneur