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Couple to Couple Counseling Experience

By January 7, 2022Couples Therapy

Couple to Couple Counseling Experience

Experience Couple to Couple Counseling

There is absolutely no shame in seeking a little outside help in your marital or nonmarital relationship. Whether you’re wanting to understand each other a little better, or need a little guidance in approaching common struggles and challenges, couples counseling can offer incredible benefits to both you and your loved one. Elevating Relationships, our online couples counseling practice, is dedicated to working with both married and unmarried patients through a unique couple to couple counseling strategy. Created and operated by our husband-and-wife duo, Rashawn and Lori Brewster, Elevating Relationships is proud to help clients better understand themselves and their spouses!

Different Perspectives

Our elite counseling practice understands that there are multiple different perspectives to consult when focusing and working through different challenges. Whether our patients are concerned about or struggling with poor communication, loss of trust, lackluster intimacy, or other issues, both Rashawn and Lori understand how complex it can all be. During every online couple to couple counseling session, both of our experts, with first-hand experience working through coupled counseling, will be involved and are able to view everything from several different angles, in order to reach a desired outcome.


Small changes and acts of cooperation can help alleviate some of the stresses and concerns that arise in relationships. With this in mind, in our Elevating Relationships couples counseling sessions, Rashawn and Lori demonstrate a few common strategies that can be utilized in addressing issues you and your spouse are facing; both have several years’ worth of experience helping couples implement effective tools and techniques. Through our online couple to couple counseling, you will be able to practice and implement solutions to address everything from “fair fighting” to effective communication.

We Live it Too

At Elevating Relationships, we know the love two significant others have for each other is an amazing thing, but also that it can be difficult in times of struggle. Our husband-and-wife team has experienced a long, twelve-year journey facing the exact same challenges, gaining knowledge of how others can brave the rough waters through couple to couple counseling. While both Rashawn and Lori Brewster are capable of providing individualized counseling for clients, as licensed marriage and family therapists they care deeply about helping spouses keep their marriage strong through couples counseling.

Balanced Approach

During couple to couple counseling, it’s natural for each significant other to have different expectations for what the other person should do or prioritize on a daily or weekly basis. Rashawn and Lori, through their unique approach to working through challenges, are capable of addressing these expectations from a male and female perspective — both at the same time. They know it’s possible for certain struggles, annoyances, or concerns to be influenced by gender expectations,biases, or assumptions about how each significant other should act, and our couples counseling method is designed to tackle these head-on.

Elevate Your Relationships With Couple to Couple Counseling

No matter if you’re wanting to better understand your significant other, or are going through a rough patch and need urgent help, Rashawn and Lori’s unique form of couples counseling can help! Their practice is designed to provide hands-on, effective solutions and tools to both married and unmarried couples, all completely online. Contact either one directly to schedule a confidential consultation!

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