Why work with a “registered intern”?

Once an individual has a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, he or she can practice for the duration of their career in many formats without seeking licensure. Deciding to go beyond that step and become a registered intern is a voluntary process which highlights a commitment to continuous clinical development, scrutiny and support from a licensed supervisor that you meet with for an average of 4 hours per month, and rigorous testing. This process further develops and advances the counselor’s clinical skills and allows them the opportunity to become licensed. Being a licensed therapist allows the opportunity to practice independent of supervision. The client has a potential of benefiting from this process in that they are working with a therapist who is uniquely aware of new and improved concepts within the field and practicing established best practices.

What does “registered intern” mean?

In order to be a registered intern in the state of FL, you must first complete your graduate studies that includes a minimum of 500 direct clinical hours. Once you complete your graduate program, you have the option of becoming a registered intern and working towards another set of 1500 clinical hours, 100 supervision hours, as well as complete a test with the ultimate goal of becoming licensed which provides you the opportunity to operate independently while maintaining continuing education hours. You can liken the process to the medical field hierarchy where you have doctors who are practicing as “interns” (ever seen Grey’s Anatomy?…ok, maybe not a perfect analogy but I think you get the picture). It is also important to note that not all interns are the same… each one brings a different set of experience depending life experience, when they began their intern process, and what areas of specialization and interests they are pursing. For example, Rashawn and Lori have a special interest in working with couples and therefore have pursued additional training opportunities and experiences that increase their skill set with issues directly related to couples. While practicing as registered interns, Rashawn and Lori collaborate with a seasoned supervisor as well as work in an office where a licensed clinician is onsite per state requirements.

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